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Friendie helps you take care of all the people in your life

Nurture your personal relationships to become more attentive, charismatic, reliable and influential in your life

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Personal Relationship Management for individuals

Friendie is a single user CRM to keep track of your personal and professional network and take care of your connections and relationships through notes, tasks, reminders and groups. Friendie helps you become more attentive, reliable, responsible, influential and charismatic with the people that matter in your life.

Our lives revolve around personal relationships: they make us who we are

Most of our opportunities, successes and feats come from meeting the right person at the right time, from finding our significant other to that business deal or dream job offer.

Friendie helps you stay on top of everything and everyone, and works wonders for busy people that meet new people constantly and want to give them the attention they deserve. It helps you remember people's names, note down useful information and reminders and automatically suggests who to catch up with.

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Humans can only maintain 150 relationships. Friendie helps you break that limit

Anthropologist Robin Dunbar once theorized that humans can only actively maintain roughly 150 relationships because of the limitation of the human mind and how it needs to prioritize in order to survive.

Friendie helps you surpass that limit by being your personal coach, it automatically calculates the importance of each contact and creates automatic tasks so you can catch up with everyone at the right time, those that matter most will get constant attention and other less important people in your life will be contacted every once in a while so your relationship doesn't stale.

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Take care of each and every person that matters to you

Friendie is a blank canvas that you can use to paint and grow your network and relationships.

Show your attentiveness and care at the right time. Note down topics for small talk or interesting conversations for whenever you meet again. It's the secret weapon of charismatic people. Friendie helps you become a better person, the one that is attentive, thoughtful and integral, that person that takes care of everyone no matter how busy he or she is.

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