The REST APIs provide programmatic access to read and write Friendie data. Create/Read/Edit/Delete contacts, groups, notes and more. The REST API identifies Friendie applications and users using an Authorization Bearer header which is returned during the authentication process; responses are in JSON format.

There's a rate limit on the requests you can make at 60 requests per minute. If you need more please contact us.


/people (GET)

Get a list of all contacts.

/people (POST)

Create a new contact.

/people/{person_id} (GET)

Get detailed information on a person, including notes and groups it belongs to.

/people/{person_id} (POST)

Edit a person's information.

/people/{person_id} (DELETE)

Delete person.


/tasks (GET)

Get most recent user tasks.

/tasks (POST)

Create a new task.

/tasks/{task_id} (GET)

Get more information on a task.

/tasks/{task_id}/complete (POST)

Mark a task as Complete.

/tasks/{task_id}/postpone (POST)

Mark a task as Postpone.

/tasks/{task_id} (DELETE)

Delete task.


/groups (GET)

Get most recent user groups.

/groups (POST)

Create a new group.

/groups/{group_id} (GET)

Get more information on a group including all people that belong to it.

/groups/{group_id} (POST)

Edit a group details.

/groups/{group_id} (DELETE)

Delete group.

/people/{person_id}/group/{group_id} (POST)

Add person to group.

/people/{person_id}/group/{group_id} (DELETE)

Remove person from group.