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PeopleRank is a number that you will see next to a person's name and it is the importance that Friendie thinks that person has to you, so number 1 is the most important person and 100 the least important. There could be two people sharing the same rank. Note that the rank will change often based on your recent interactions with them.

Notes and Tasks

You can add notes on people by accessing their profile. Optionally, you can set a Date and a Time, if you set a date, the note will be converted into a Task and show up in the Tasks section of Friendie.

When saving the Note/Task you have two buttons, Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down, this is the way of teaching Friendie if that person matters to you or not and it will affect the contact's PeopleRank. You can also use the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons without adding any notes to affect someone's rank at any time.

Avatar photos

You can add photos to people by simply writing the link of their Twitter or Linkedin profile into a new note. Friendie will automatically detect the person's profile picture and add it. In the future it will also detect bios, job titles, phone numbers and other details.


Groups are a way to organize people and also a quick way to rank them. When you sign up, a few groups are created for you. You can edit, delete and create new ones to accommodate your needs and usage. Groups can have no rank, in that case they won't affect a person's rank.


There's a few tweaks you can change to customize your experience with Friendie, these are explained below:

Postpone task duration

How long to postpone an existing task when you press the Postpone button.

Autosuggest tasks

Friendie can suggest whenever you should catch up with a contact if you haven't done in a while based on how important that person is to you. Suggestions will appear as an extra task at the bottom of the list of tasks. Clicking the Check button will dismiss the suggestion (Friendie will assume you've caught up with that contact), clicking Add to Calendar will add the task to your list.

Autosuggest message

You can customize the message that will show on suggestions, by default it's "Catch up".

Default rank for ungrouped people

Contacts that don't belong to any group will be given this rank.

Importing your contacts

You can import a list of contacts into Friendie by uploading a spreadsheet (in CSV format). The spreadsheet needs to be like this:

Full name Title Groups Notes
John Smith Sally's brother Friend,Colleague Tall and long hair. He loves football.
Sally Smith Close Friend

You can download a sample Spreadsheet from here. Please note the following:

Now save your spreadsheet as CSV, head to Friendie's Settings page and there you will find the Import contacts button. Follow the steps to upload your data.


Try these if you experience any problems: